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Scenario Analysis

We can help you with your scenarios in three key areas:.


Interpreting scenarios: We can help you to analyse your organisations risk profiles in order to interpret the differences between multifactor and single factor events and so assist the business in manging its response to exceptional but plausible events. We believe it is best practise to consider multifactor events

Developing scenarios: We can help you develop scenarios that reflect accurately your firm’s risk profile while making sure that the scenarios are both plausible and exceptional. We use several tried and tested techniques that can be used to achieve good business buy-in

Applying scenarios: We use our aCCelerate GRC Analytics tools to apply scenarios both deterministically and by modelling.

We provide you with a clear methodology, knowledge transfer and process to carry on using and building your own scenarios.

For more information about Chase Cooper’s scenario consultancy services, please email our consultancy team or complete our contact form.