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GRC – Operational Risk

An operational risk management framework needs to reflect the goals and objectives of both the business and corporate. Needs to be agile and responsive to the dynamic changes in the financial services industry and the reality of today’s greater regulatory requirements.


Chase Cooper can help you in all of the six main processes of operational risk.

  • Governance – we have worked with many institutions to develop concise and yet unique operational risk policies, frameworks, terms of reference and timelines consistent with your risk appetite and risk culture
  • Risk and control assessment – we have assisted a wide variety of firms in identifying the gross risks to which they are subject and then scoring risks and identifying and scoring the relevant controls
  • Losses – loss causal analysis is an invaluable challenge to and validation of the subjective risk and control assessment identification and scoring; in addition Chase Cooper’s own external loss database comprising of over 2000 regulatory actions can significantly enhance the loss causal analysis process
  • KRIs – we have advised a number of firms in simple straightforward identification, capture and analysis of the metrics of key risks (and controls) leading to the validation of the risk and control assessments
  • Modelling – we have used two mathematical models (one of which is AMA Basel compliant) to add considerable value to the business by providing challenge to the risk and control assessments, by clearly determining the cost benefit of controls and by enabling capital allocation by business line
  • Reporting – we have worked with institutions to provide them with coherent and yet short reports that enable clear decisions to be made regarding the organisation’s risk exposure

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