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aCCelerate Scenarios – Risk Intelligence Module

aCCelerate Scenario provides insights into a firm’s risk profile, the benefit of its control environment, and calculates a net risk position. This is a unique feature of the system and provides an ability to view a firm’s risk and control profile using a form of Artificial Intelligence that provides Risk Intelligence that is not possible to achieve by traditional methods.

It introduces the concept of sensitivity of changes to risk frequency or severity and control effectiveness to a firm’s overall net risk position and enables meaningful insights to be derived regarding a real firms exposure and predicted operational risk related losses.

Risk managers can use the outputs to challenge RCSA data and provide insight into control optimisation, and also the cost effectiveness of, for example, spending proposals on additional controls.

The module also supports Scenario Analysis (at both granular and strategic levels), enabling Risk Managers to envisage potential impacts on their business environment based on the scenarios they create.

Key benefits of Chase Cooper aCCelerate Scenarios:

  • Improves your organisation’s decision-making process and delivers significant business benefits for example, around risk appetite, key indicators, control and resource allocation, impact of new regulations, impact of extreme events, impact of events from a correlated and non-correlated perspective
  • Facilitates the understanding of the financial implications of the organisation’s scenarios and risk and control profile
  • Enables the application of multiple ‘what if’ scenarios and stress tests to accurately measure changes to risk and control profiles
  • Allows investigation of the effectiveness of a single control on multiple risks or multiple controls on a single risk
  • Incorporates a variety of distributions to explore the sensitivity of scenarios and RCSAs
  • The outputs in the Risk Intelligence Module can also be utilised in the aCCelerate Capital module for further capital analysis.