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aCCelerate Content

aCCelerate GRC includes rich content should you wish to use it.

  • Risk and Control Library
  • Key Risk Indicator Library
  • Information security Library – ISO2007

aCCelerate GRC External Loss Database (aCCord)

aCCelerate aCCord is a database offering a wealth of common published losses. aCCord allows organisations to challenge and validate risk and control assessments, and makes the conceptualisation of unusual scenarios realistic and easy.

Chase Cooper’s aCCord Loss Database system provides:

  • Extensive coverage of recent, industry-wide loss events, catalogued according to Basel II business lines and loss event types
  • Broad coverage across a wide variety of international markets
  • Losses from financial services organisations operating in a broad range of business areas
  • High value, low frequency tail events to complement your own internal loss data
  • Assists in developing extreme yet plausible scenarios

aCCord Loss Database system provides:

  • Over 3,000 loss events, with 2/3 from financial sector
  • Covers 47 countries across six continents, giving the user an international perspective
  • Data sources include:
    • Regulators’ websites
    • International news headlines
    • Typically low frequency, high impact events
    • Complete event content including:
    • Description
    • Basel business line
    • Basel loss event type