Real Time Risk Analytics - Advanced Scenario Analysis Modelling, Control Failure Model

Chase Cooper’s unique aCCelerate RTRA (Real Time Risk Analytics) provides a powerful, effective and fully-integrated solution for advanced risk and control self-assessment modelling.

The analysis of qualitative risk and control self-assessment (RCSA) data by quantitative methods represents a tremendous opportunity for operational risk professionals to uncover information about their organisation’s risk profile that is not readily apparent.

Through the application of modelling techniques on RCSA data, managers are empowered with a more detailed understanding of the effects of risks and controls on the business which in turn drives significant business benefits.

The analytical power of aCCelerate RTRA is immense. Operational risk managers can apply multiple ‘what if’ scenarios to RCSA data, to consider the sensitivity of their organisation and of individual business lines to changes in risk and control profiles.


Key benefits of Chase Cooper aCCelerate RTRA:

  1. Facilitates the understanding of the financial implications of the organisation’s risk and control profile

  2. Enables the application of multiple ‘what if’ scenarios and stress tests to accurately measure change to risk and control profiles

  3. Allows investigation of the effectiveness of a single control on multiple risks or multiple controls on a single risk

  4. Incorporates a wide variety of distributions to explore the sensitivity of RCSA

  5. Mines and analyses the organisation’s qualitative data to enhance understanding of enterprise-wide risks and controls

  6. Improves your organisation’s decision-making process and delivers significant business benefits


Accelerate RTRA 800w

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