aCCelerate is an award-winning operational risk software solution deployed over 85 countries across 6 continents. Focused on the financial services industry, aCCelerate is a front end configurable, out-of-the-box software solution. The suite includes powerful analytics modules for scenario analysis and capital charge modelling.

The aCCelerate suite comprises three modules:

  1. Analyser - The core module Analyser manages the day-to-day ORM activities. It has integrated functionality for risk control assessments (RCSA) across business hierarchies, external and internal loss event capture and management, configurable key indicators (KIs), flexible workflow, email integration and action tracking.
  2. Real Time Risk Analytics (RTRA) - RTRA is an Operational Risk manager’s ‘playbook’, allowing the modelling of soft data (qualitative RCSA data) for sensitivity analysis, stress testing and scenario analysis of your risk and control environment. RTRA evaluates the effectiveness of controls by giving them a monetary value. The module runs a Monte Carlo Simulation using risk and control assessment (RCA) data in order to produce expected losses.
  3. Real Time Capital Analytics (RTCA) - RTCA is a Basel II/ AMA compliant capital charge modelling module which creates economic as well as regulatory capital allocation reports. This incentivises the business towards better risk management. The modelling is performed using internal and external loss data, scenario analysis data and BIECF data in any desired weighting.


Key benefits of Chase Cooper aCCelerate Operational Risk Software

  1. Addresses all aspects of operational risk management from the qualitative to the quantitative

  2. Compliant with Basel II, COSO, FERMA, SOX. Solvency II, ICAAP methodologies.

  3. Integrated functionality for:

    • RCSA

    • Loss event capture and management

    • Key Indicators

    • Scenario analysis and stress testing

    • Capital charge calculation

  4. Addresses the needs of operational risk professionals. Solution built by risk subject matter experts with practical industry experience, rather than 'morphed' from an Audit or Compliance tool.

  5. Scalable- with no minimum or maximum number of licenses
  6. Designed to address functional requirements through front end configuration rather than back-end code change. Down-stream benefits are significant:

    • Implementations are rapid, typically counted in days/weeks rather than months/years – we eliminate the coding phase, the most time consuming part of any software implementation

    • Immediate demonstrable business benefits

    • No customization required- a single code line maintained such that as any one of our clients pushes forward the functional spec of the product, the entire client community gets the benefit

  7. Consistently ranked in the top tier of ORM software by analysts and independent surveys such as the Oprisk & Regulation Magazine and Risk magazine. Chase Cooper's aCCelerate is ranked number 1 worldwide for enterprise- wide ORM software by Risk Magazine in 2013.

  8. Risk Magazine 2013 Chase Cooper Rankings:

    • Number 1 in “Risk And Control Self-Assessment”

    • Number 1 in “Key Risk Indicators”

    • Number 1 in “Internal Loss Data Management”

    • Number 1 in “Capital Calculation”

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