DM3 - Treasury Software Solution

DM3 covers front, middle and back offices and includes interfaces to Reuters, SWIFT and hooks to accounting GLs.

 Instruments supported are:

  • FX Spot, Forward (including date-options) and Vanilla Swaps.
  • Loans and Deposits (including Call, Rollover and Schedules)
  • All types of Securities (Bills, Bonds, CDs, FRNs, Repos, etc.)
  • Derivatives (FRA and IRS)

Currently installed in 15 countries and proven reliable technology, DM3 is a good choice for managing your treasury deals and reducing your risk.

An attractive pricing and licensing policy helps you to cost justify the system quickly without the large on-going licensing costs typically associated with this kind of system. Specialised requirements can be fulfilled as bespoke enhancements.

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